Oxnard Same-Day Permanent Teeth Replacement, Cosmetic Smile Makeovers Updated

To help clients repair their teeth while minimizing any time they may have to spend without them, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute has updated several of its most popular procedures to ensure they can be completed in a single day, while the client waits. This includes purely cosmetic procedures, such as whitening, and functional options, such as implanted teeth..

More information about same-day procedures, fully implanted dentures, and the Anacapa Dental Art Institute can be found at https://www.anacapadental.com

While dental repairs can traditionally take several weeks or months to complete, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute has updated several procedures so that they can be completed in a single visit. Using an in-house dental lab and several advanced tools, they can help clients to receive a fully functional, implanted, and natural-looking set of teeth, with no time in between when the original teeth are removed, and the new teeth are implanted.

Though implanted dentures are not new, this technique from the Anacapa Dental Art Institute varies from the traditional procedure in several ways. The process begins when clients have their dental impressions taken, using an innovative touchless scanning tool that has replaced the need for dental impression trays.

These impressions will be used to create their new teeth, which will be ready to install when their old teeth are removed, and their implants are completed. To implant the dentures, they use a unique procedure known as the All-On-4 plus technique. Dr. Saj Jivraj, the founder of the Anacapa Dental Art Institute, is known globally as a teacher of this procedure, and as the co-author of 2 related books, “Treatment Planning in Implant Dentistry”, and Graftless Solutions for the edentulous patient. These books have been used by thousands of dentists globally.

Traditionally, implanted teeth would require eight to ten implanted posts, with each post potentially requiring bone grafts. Using the updated All-On-4 plus procedure, Dr. Jivraj can provide similar results using only 4 implanted posts and no bone grafts. Though additional implants may sometimes be required due to the client’s anatomy, in these situations, the dental team will install as many additional posts as required, at no additional cost.

When the procedure is complete, clients will have a fully functioning set of teeth, with no time spent in public without their teeth. To ensure the longevity of the new implants, the updated procedure also includes a warranty of up to 10 years for new teeth and 5 years for implants.

One satisfied patient explained, “I always have a nice experience at Anacapa Dental. I am very fortunate to have selected Dr. Jivraj as my dentist several years ago. He and his staff helped me through some difficult times with my All-On-4 procedure and I could not be happier with the results. I have and continue to recommend Anacapa Dental to friends and family. Thanks to all the staff.”

More information about the All-On-4 procedure, cosmetic repair options, and the full list of same-day dental services can be found at https://www.anacapadental.com

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