ERTC Application Help For Small Businesses: ERC Eligibility Check Launched

The new fast application service offered by ERC Tax Group helps small and medium-sized businesses, including startups, new businesses founded during the pandemic, and non-profit organizations, complete the paperwork and maximize allowable rebates. With just 15 minutes of commitment or less, business owners can determine if they qualify for the pandemic relief fund and apply for their due tax refunds under the ERTC program.

Further information about the specialist CPA firm, the ERTC program, and rebate eligibility requirements can be found at

The new eligibility assessment allows employers with 941s to confirm their eligibility, with no cost or obligation, by answering ten simple questions on the ERC Tax Group website.

Though the ERTC program was amended to accommodate more businesses, even those that had received loans through the Paycheck Protection Program, it continues to be underutilized, with many unclaimed tax credits available.

ERC Tax Group explained that the refund program is available to any employer with between 5 and 500 W2 employees who were affected by the pandemic or the government’s mandate.

The CPA firm works with affected businesses to prepare IRS audit-proof documentation, including reviewing the client’s financial documents during 2019-2021, for a successful application.

Though there is no limit to the amount one can receive, the average amount received by many small businesses is approximately $150,000, with some receiving more than $2 million in rebates.

The rebate under the ERTC program is not a loan but a non-refundable one-time payout with no restrictions on how the fund could be spent.

While the ERTC specialists help employers navigate the complex application process, their services are on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only collect a fee if the claim is successful.

“Regardless of the benefits of ERTCs, the process can be very confusing, especially with the complexity of tax codes and qualifications. That’s where we come in,” said a company representative. “Unlike other tax credit and accounting firms, we focus exclusively on ERTCs. Our team comprises experienced Employee Retention Tax Credit specialists who will help you navigate the system and discover opportunities to help you maximize your claim.”

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