US Nearshore Java Developers: Rapid IT Staffing Solution For Prototype Update

The firm’s enhanced services offer an extensive resource of Latin American software engineers who are available to augment existing capabilities or as part of a new team. All candidates have passed English language screening, as well as technical proficiency checks in a variety of fields, such as back-end, front-end, mobile development, QA, data management, and more.

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The move comes as IT talent shortages are expected to continue into the foreseeable future. ParallelStaff states that its nearshore solution combines the cost-efficiencies of traditional offshore outsourcing, while removing many of the barriers that companies experience with that approach.

A recent Forbes report explains the most common difficulties faced when outsourcing IT projects to offshore staffing services. Time zone differences can make it difficult to coordinate efforts, while cultural and language hurdles may prevent effective communication and lead to misunderstandings.

With its most recent update, ParallelStaff aims to remove the limitations associated with offshore outsourcing, while covering a wide variety of software development requirements. All candidates are familiar with US systems and processes, and their geographical location allows them to synchronize with US-based teams, or travel to client premises if required.

“Our nearshore software development service brings world-class experts to the table,” a company representative explained. “We pair clients with skilled software engineers from Latin America, who are ready to bring any project to life working in the same time zone. Because of our nearshore emphasis, we can get started faster than any offshore solution.”

About ParallelStaff

Recognizing a constantly evolving employment market, ParallelStaff sought to create a rapid and efficient software staffing solution that offers flexibility and cost-efficiency. In addition to the features already described, the firm has deployed a streamlined hiring process, allowing clients to onboard new team members in 5 to 10 business days.

“By partnering with ParallelStaff, we could quickly complement our internal team and find the exact skills we were looking for,” one client recently stated. “The team have taken very good care of us at every stage in the process.”

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