Breckenridge Crepe Restaurant Hiring Cooks & Cashiers | Full-Time Jobs Announced

Beginning as a cart-style business in 2000, Crepes a la Cart Kitchen has since evolved into a popular spot for authentic French crepes. Known for attracting lineups of customers on any given day, the Colorado-based restaurant is now looking to fill a range of positions with the launch of a hiring spree designed to attract new and experienced talent. Unlike many businesses in this industry, Crepes a la Cart Kitchen offers a pay rate that is well above the $12.56 minimum wage. Salaries begin at $16.00 – $20.00 per hour and include tips for all positions.

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One of the many commercial consequences triggered by pandemic-related lockdowns was a pivot in restaurant services from dine-in to take-out only. With these measures rescinded, Crepes a la Cart Kitchen is experiencing a boom in business. The company is meeting increased demand with the launch of a branded hiring strategy that offers a superior employee value proposition (EVP).

Key positions highlighted in the company’s recruitment activities include cooks and prep cooks, cashiers, food runners/bussers, and dishwashers.

With three locations, Crepes a la Cart Kitchen has distinguished itself as the definitive home of unique crepe preparations. With over 1,400 reviews on TripAdvisor, the restaurant maintains a near five-star rating.

Customers can choose from breakfast, sweet and savory crepes, made from a full range of fillings and preparations that include a range of proteins, vegetables, sauces fruits, chocolate and nut spreads, and even a list of liqueurs. Gluten-free crepes are also available.

A company representative says, “We’re looking to expand our fantastic team and would love to have those who are passionate about the industry but who also expect a decent wage apply to be a part of the Crepes a la Cart roster. Even if the position someone is looking for isn’t advertised on our website, we still encourage them to submit a resume, because we’re always on the lookout for great industry talent.”

After 20 years in the ultra-competitive food and beverage sector, and having weathered unprecedented economic challenges, Crepes a la Cart Kitchen is an example of what niche marketing can do to overcome barriers. Once again attracting local and tourist patronage, the restaurant is now looking to raise awareness of newly available positions with the launch of a large-scale hiring spree.

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