Calpe Historical Attractions: Holiday Planning & Family Travel Guide Released

Better Life Design, a travel and planning blog offering intriguing points of interest for vacation-goers, has published its latest guide, titled 16 Best Things To Do & See In Calpe, Spain. Along with sandy beaches, historic architecture, and hikes with stunning aerial views, the travel blog recommends visiting the salt lake in Calpe, where vibrant pink flamingos can be seen walking in the water.

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The recent guide is aimed at assisting families who are making winter holiday travel plans. Calpe, Spain, is a family-friendly vacation destination with zoos, museums, and historic archaeological sites that are often overlooked or otherwise unknown.

The Banos de la Reina, for instance, has unassuming steps that lead down into the sea. Upon closer inspection, however, one can make out the walls that formed a royal bath used exclusively by the region’s elite centuries ago, the blog suggests.

The guide further highlights the Calpe craft market and the fish auction market (Lonja del Peix) among the local places worth visiting. A panoramic view of the coastline and how to get there is also outlined, while the best hotels, restaurants, and an FAQ section can be found near the bottom of the page.

According to the guide’s author, “Calpe draws in the international crowds by the plane full thanks to its rich history. It’s a real mixture of old-school Valencian and modern tourist facilities creating a wonderful blend of old and new.”

With its Calpe report, the travel blog is offering an easy planning guide for families trying to determine where to vacation next.

The travel blog also contains reviews of cities in many other countries, including Albania, Montenegro, and the UK. Readers interested in visiting fascinating places around the world will learn about hidden gems, like the British Lawnmower Museum in Southport, or secluded ocean-side views, like in Mogren Beach, Montenegro.

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