Insulin Pen Travel Protection Case | Gift For People With Diabetes Launched

The VIVI Cap insulin pen case by TempraMed keeps insulin at the exact right temperature (between 68F-76F), even in extreme heat or cold. It was proven to be the most effective product for insulin pen temperature protection by the ADA. This technology can keep insulin from spoiling, even when out of the house, in a hot car, or outdoors in winter. It lasts for years with zero maintenance, and is TSA Approved!

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TempraMed now offers this product as a part of its longstanding commitment to making the lives of people with diabetes easier. This product utilizes technologies previously only available to the government and aerospace industries in order to provide the most efficient and longest-lasting temperature regulation capabilities.

Many people with diabetes do not know that insulin is a very fragile compound that can be destroyed or degraded through rapid temperature fluctuation or through heating beyond a certain level. This means that even a 90F ambient temperature (just below the average body temperature) can be enough to damage insulin. Worse – it’s impossible to tell if insulin is damaged by looking at it.

Damaged insulin means weaker insulin is injected, increasing blood sugar and leading to symptoms like headaches, drowsiness, extreme hunger, increased thirst, frequent urination, and blurred vision (and in extreme cases DKA). It also means that a higher dose is required simply to maintain blood sugar, leading to improper prescriptions and wasted money.

VIVI Cap presents a solution to this problem that does not rely on charging batteries or any kind of maintenance. The cover has a small and lightweight design and fits all insulin pens, making any pen pocket-safe and always comfortable to inject – never too hot or too cold.

TempraMed says that this product makes an ideal gift for a family member with diabetes who uses insulin pens. It is a perfect gift and accessory for anyone who might accidentally leave insulin in a hot or cold car, or who travels often with their insulin. The pen cover can save loved ones from the frustration, anxiety, and personal expense of replacing degraded or spoiled insulin pens, and the health consequences that come with it.

A spokesperson for the company said, “VIVI Cap users found they are not only saving money by ditching traditional insulin storage, they are also experiencing less stress and an increased quality of life. In fact, the majority of VIVI Cap users would argue that their investment was something they could not afford to miss. In fact, many of them wish they made the investment sooner.”

The VIVI Cap has been endorsed by healthcare professionals and is backed by scientific studies regarding insulin degradation over time. The FDA has stated that even under proper conditions, insulin can still degrade up to 5% in potency, which makes additional storage precautions an important safety measure.

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