Gold Value To Increase In 2023 Recession, According To Precious Metal IRA Report

In the new report, the AuGold IRA talks about the current bullish state of gold prices and how the Federal Reserve policies are likely to create a volatile precious metal market. It also discusses the external factors that may affect gold prices in the near future.

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The release coincides with Federal Reserve Chair John Powell’s speech at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium, where he talked about tightening the US economy’s monetary policy as the country enters a recession in 2023. Powell said that while this will result in a weaker job market and a slow-growing economy in the short term, it is the best way to systematically fight inflation and create economic stability for the nation.

According to AuGold IRA, this speech caused an almost 2% drop in gold prices from its all-time high of around $1800 per ounce in 2022. Gold and other precious metals are considered a good hedge against inflation, but they do not pay dividends or earn profit like stocks and bonds. With higher interest rates, the value of gold will diminish because investors will want to move their funds to the stock market where they can earn more over the short term.

However, the report explains that there are external factors that affect the price of gold. Unlike the stock market, the price of gold is dictated by global supply and demand, and political turmoil pushes the price of gold up as international investors try to protect their wealth by buying hard assets.

For US investors, this means that it would be wise to hold on to their self-directed IRA or gold IRA accounts, even if domestic economic policies seem unfavorable. The author suggests that due to the volatility of the international gold market, holding on to physical gold assets might present investors with a profit opportunity in the looming recession.

“Besides the Fed, the gold market may need to watch out for other factors as well. One major factor is China’s potential military intervention in Taiwan. Another one is Russia’s possible military intervention in Ukraine. If the US and other western forces will intervene, this could lead to a global war and might cause an economic crisis,” writes the author.

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