Fresh Dry Carpet Cleaning is an Affluent Company Providing the Minneola, FL, Area with Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning Services

Minneola, FL – First impressions matter, and the carpet is one of the first things people notice when they visit a home! Fresh Dry Carpet Cleaning is helping residents of the Minneola, Florida area to create a lasting positive impression on their visitors by providing superior cleaning techniques for carpets, upholstery, hardwood floors, and mattresses. Traditional steam extraction pushes dirty water to the carpet’s back fibers, which leaves the carpet looking dull and lifeless after drying. The drying process also takes long, giving mold, mildew, and odor a chance to thrive and mess up with the freshness of the home. Frank Fratto, the founder of Fresh Dry Carpet Cleaning Minneola carpet cleaning, has owned and operated a carpet, upholstery, and hard floor cleaning business for over thirty years and has developed solid and superior methods of cleaning that take less time to dry and provide mind-blowing results.

Pets and little children are adorable but have a knack for leaving spills, stains, and footprints all over couches, chairs, ottomans, and recliners. Fresh Dry Carpet Cleaning provides dry clean upholstery services using techniques and products that do not lead to discoloration of the fabric or corrode and damage the wooden and metal parts of the furniture. Regardless of how long the stains have been on the upholstery, the technicians employ methods to break them up and leave the furniture looking vibrant professionally. They pay special attention to spaces that the pets frequent since it’s not odd to encounter pet odor and urine stains on them. The company has a fantastic pet odor treatment that eliminates odor and urine smells. The dry clean upholstery cleaning method ensures that the furniture dries up quickly, allowing everybody to resume their activities as soon as possible.

A satisfied client had this to say, “Frank did an amazing job cleaning all of our floors and couches! He was able to remove stains from our german shepherd that had set in for the past year on our light-colored couch in our family room. Everything looks amazing, and best of all, it all dried quickly.”

The company is also renowned for offering high-quality tile & grout cleaning services. Before embarking on the actual cleaning, they inspect and note tiles that have cracks and places with chipped grout and relay the information to the homeowner for further action. Fresh Dry Carpet Cleaning technicians undergo thorough pre-employment screening, ensuring that only qualified, trustworthy, and dependable personnel handle their clients’ homes. This ensures that top-notch services are rendered whether the homeowner is present or not. Additionally, the company offers hardwood and vinyl floor cleaning using the recommended environmentally friendly products that leave them looking glossy and prolongs their life.

To get in touch with Fresh Dry Carpet Cleaning Minneola carpet cleaning services, visit their website or call 3529781468. The company is located at 3391 Grassy Lake View Ave, Minneola, FL, 34715, USA.

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